IT Okna

IT Okna automates all the stages of work of a window company. From the customer’s first contact with the company up to production, installation and dealing with complaints.


Different options of service and maintenance — implementation, warranty maintenance, technical support, set up of process calculation, access to upgrades, and video-instructions channel help IT Okna customers feel confident in any situation.

Ready-made solutions

We have accumulated a rich collection of ready-made solutions. The tasks you want to complete are most likely already in our repository of ready-made solutions. Have a look at how your colleagues in the industry are dealing with them.


We invite you to become our partners in promoting the IT Okna solutions. Our expertise will help you to do it successfully.

A trial version

You can try the full version of the IT Okna absolutely for free for 30 days.

IT Okna is software for automating the production and sale of windows, doors, and facades made of PVC, aluminum, and wood. We’ve been developing the software for 11 years. During this time, we have gained expertise in implementing ready-made solutions for companies of any size — from newcomers in window selling to large factories with full production cycles and networks of sales dealerships.

Construction Calculation Module

  • Construction calculation.
  • Calculating the order price.
  • Printing out documents –the contract, bill of material, order of hardware, window glazing, and so on.
  • The customer’s payments are registered, the receivable is controlled.
  • Dealer collaboration and pricing are organized.

Cutting Optimization and Warehouse Module

  • Batching-up for production of the finished product.
  • Optimizing material cutting, minimizing waste.
  • Batching trolleys with profile, glass, window glazing, finished products.

Export into Machines Module

  • Creating files for automated equipment.
  • Controlling the export into machines.

Paperless Production Module

  • Paperless Production in the workshop.
  • The finished product warehouse.
  • Registering the performer of each production operation.


  • On-line module for IT Okna software
  • Scheduling measuring, installation, delivery
  • Binding performer routes to the map


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