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Construction Calculation Module

Construction Calculation Module

The main purpose of the “Construction Calculation” module of the IT Okna software is to calculate the cost of the order and the bill of materials for its parts to execute it as quickly and accurately as possible. The speed at which the calculation is made and technical documentation is prepared results in quick order execution, and thus in the increase in the company’s reputation and sales. The program for calculating the production and sales of plastic windows, as well as aluminum or wooden products, uses a simple and accessible interface which makes it easy to make the necessary calculations of any constructions for different kinds of profile system and hardware options.

The feature of exporting prices from vendor price lists frees you from the tedious manual work of changing material prices.

The window cost calculation module comes with the database of popular standard profiles and hardware. If the system used in your business is not included in the database, you can create it on your own with the help of our training materials, or deliver this task to our company as the program developer.

The basic capabilities of the module will enable you to organize a remote network of dealer sales offices by ensuring their interaction through the Internet using modern cloud technologies. As a window dealer program, it can give targeted discounts to dealers, which is the most effective way to implement any marketing strategy.

The static calculation of translucent constructions carried out by the program allows you to consider such nuances as wind loads, filling weight, and physical properties of the material.

Friendly operation interface

Functional and simple CAD system
Great pricing opportunities