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We have provided automation to more than 5000 companies of different sizes. They all deal with the production or sale of windows and doors made of PVC, aluminum or wood.


These can include complete solutions or description of approaches to solving issues, to implementing different sets of tasks that companies may encounter. To automate your company most effectively, you can combine these solutions.



For small production companies

If you are a novice manufacturer or planning to open a small production of up to 20 windows per shift, this solution is for you.



Your data protection service

The MI-Soft storage will secure your data. A back-up copy is made automatically every day. The latest copy of the data is securely stored in the cloud of IT Okna and you can get the copy at any time.


Finished product warehouse

Finished product solution allows you to organize the storage at the warehouse and quickly find the items.



Dealer network setup

Exchange of prices and orders between the main office and your dealers.
Quick network expansion, control over discounts and payments.



Calculating payroll in the workshop

IT Okna can calculate labor costs in the workshop (per operation).
Each operation is assigned to specific person.


Maximum automation of production

Cutting-age experience in windows production automation is aimed at maximum efficiency.