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Organizing a dealer network

Organizing a dealer network




Setting up access to prices and discounts for dealers

In the cloud the manufacturer sets up access rules to its setup database for each dealer.

You can provide your settings to all dealers.

You can also set up discounts. You can assign discounts to all dealers and to each dealer separately.



Exporting current prices

After the manufacturer changes the prices or the technological settings as well as when after the initial start of the system, the manufacturer must export its settings into the cloud.



The dealer gets new prices

When new prices become available in the cloud, the information about the price change is displayed at the dealer’s workplace.

The dealer clicks on the Update button and the new prices with discounts are exported into the database.

The dealer can now calculate constructions at current prices.

The dealer’s database shows the prices that they pay to the manufacturer and the prices at which they sell products to their customers. The dealer can set their own markup.



Creating orders and sending them to the manufacturer

IT Okna allows dialers to quickly calculate an order, prepare proper documents and set the installation date.

After signing the contract, the dealer sends the order to the manufacturer.




Receiving orders, payments

The manufacture takes an order from the dealer. The order is recalculated using the dealer price.

The dealer can see they debt and order status.

The manufacture can see the payments and debts.