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Calculating payroll in the workshop

Calculating payroll in the workshop



Setting up piecework labor rate

In the construction calculation setup, you must set up work on angle welding, installation of reinforcement, fitting of hardware, etc.

The setup can be made based on labor standards or in money.

We have ready-made configuration schemes that you can use.



Calculating labor costs in calculating orders

During calculation of each construction, labor costs are calculated automatically based on the settings.

For each order and product, you can see the calculated labor in man-hours or in money.



Scanning the worker’s bar code at the workplace

In the workplace, the worker scans his/her bar code. It is usually attached to his/her clothes.

In this way, s/he is registered as the performer of the operations that will be performed at this particular workplace.

All operations will be registered as carried out by him/her.

To untie the employee from this workplace, you must scan the barcode.



Registering the actual performer of each operation

For each operation, the worker scans the bar code on the workpiece.

The computer shows the necessary information to perform the operation.

The worker becomes the performer of the operation.

The operation itself is also registered.


Automatic payroll calculation for each employee

At any time, you can view all the entries that the employee has made in a specified period.

This data can be used for the calculation of the piecework wage.

As each operation has a performer, you can always identify the staff responsible for the quality of each item.