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Becoming an IT Okna partner

The partnership with IT Okna will enable you to build your business of distributing successful IT Okna solutions

IT Okna is a fast growing successful product. Customers choose us as a trusted solution provider. We have considerable expertise in automation. Our business model enables you to effectively develop solutions and apply them to improve the performance of customer companies.

We are always ready to add new features to our products, which brings the automation to a new quality level.

We provide prompt technical support to our partners. The partner model is based on giving discounts from the company’s main price list. The discount rate depends on the volume of sales.

We also provide marketing support, including:

-Training for working with the products;
— Providing contacts of interested clients in the partner’s region;
— Providing access to marketing materials;
— Help in organizing presentations of solutions to the customer;
— Developing solutions for a specific customer;
— Posting information about the representative on the official website.

You can earn both on selling ready-made solutions and on support of your customers.

There is no need to have professional staff to start the work. You can have an easy start and take on more function as your business grows, thus get a bigger discount.

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