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Export into Machines Module

Export into Machines Module

It is impossible to automate medium and large-scale window production without the use of automated equipment. The use of this equipment can dramatically improve the productivity and quality of output.

IT Okna can be linked with any hardware that supports data export. Such equipment can include automatic and semi-automatic saws, processing centers, welding equipment, glass strip cutters, etc.

We have worked with many manufacturers. Our export template library contains the pre-configured formats of popular equipment manufacturers. It takes minimal time to configure the IT Okna for your equipment.

IT Okna allows you to export any number of tasks into the configured equipment in one operation in a single mouse click. You can also fine-tune the operation as needed. All customizations are performed through the user interface.

IT Okna also contains the processing calculation setup module. This option allows you in graphic mode to customize any processing, including hardware processing — the fitting of handles, pressure switches, hinges, striking plates, as well as geometry processing — mullion, drainage, etc.

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