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Optimization and Warehouse

Optimization and Warehouse Module

An efficient automation of window business is achieved by automating routine processes, speeding up material inventory count, minimizing the human factor, and assigning personal responsibility for flawed products. This includes the optimization of material cutting, logistics, and keeping business balances so that they can be used further in production.

The IT Okna software as a software for window manufacturers has an “Optimization and Warehouse” module which is aimed at providing the most efficient production organization. Organizing production processes by dividing the products into batches allows for a balanced distribution of load on equipment, while a unique approach to optimizing the use of the profile and glass reduces material loss.

IT Okna easily exports Excel invoices directly into IT Okna without the keyboard input in manual mode. You can set up the program to work with documents from different vendors, and the program will automatically pick the template you want during the export.

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