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MI-Soft Cloud

MI-Soft Cloud

“MI-Soft cloud” module is a self-contained module that significantly enhances the IT Okna functionality. The module takes the interaction between the remote sales offices and the dealers to the new level.

The scope of tasks for which this module was originally created is continually expanding.

From the outset, the MI-Soft cloud provided information exchange between the production department and the sales departments. The production department sent the settings and material prices so that the construction cost could be calculated. The sales department received this information and sent the calculated orders. As a result, a simple mechanism for interaction was provided for. The exchange through the cloud allows for flexibility in pricing and dealer discounts. It also ensures that prices are up-to-date, which is very important for dealers.

Cloud MI-Soft allows you to plan work on measurements, installation, complaints and production of products in one information space. All departments can plan the use of the company’s resources, record for measurements by dates. As a result, the definition of these dates is transparent and understandable. Also, when planning the work, it is possible to view the movement map of the brigades and performers. You can see their route on the city map and automatically calculate its length and the number of objects.

Your employees can use a special mobile application MI-Soft cloud client to work with their tasks and send finished measurements to the office. You can also use the Telegram to work with the cloud.


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