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Maximum automation of production

Maximum automation of production



Automated cutting of the profile and glass

The completed cutting designs are exported through the network or USB flash drive to the cutting centers.

The sawyer then puts the required amount of material into the equipment.

Then the profile or glass is cut automatically.


Printing stickers on the workpiece at the time of cutting

After each workpiece is cut, the printer on the saw prints out a sticker that must be put on the workpiece.


Placing of workpieces and window glazing on trolleys

The sticker indicates the trolley cell in which every element of the profile should be placed.

Each cell contains 4 workpieces, which form a single weld contour of a frame or a flap.

If this is a section of glass cut, then the glass will be put into the trolley cells in the order in which the window glazing is produced.



Automated processing centers

The information is also exported into the automated processing centers.

After the export is complete, the employee moves up the trolley with the profile and loads the processing center.

When the workpieces exit the center, they are already processed and the employee puts them back into the cells.

The cell number is given on the stickers.



Paperless stations on mullions and drainage sections

The number of paperless stations can vary. Everything depends on the production equipment.

Usually, a workpiece is scanned in each area.

The operations that should be performed with the workpiece are displayed on the screen.


Automatic welding and cleaning

The worker moves the trolley with the processed workpieces up to the automated welding machine.

S/He scans any of the four workpieces in the cell, and the welding machine adjusts itself to the required size.

The worker puts the 4 workpieces in the welding machine and starts the welding operation.

After welding and cleanup, s/he takes out a finished contour.



Paperless stations at hardware fixing and glazing sections

At hardware fixing and glazing sections after the barcode is scanned on any contour workpiece, the necessary contour operations are displayed, as well as the list of hardware to be installed and the locations of cells where the glazing for this construction is stored.



Paperless warehouse of finished products

At a paperless warehouse of finished products, the windows are stored in the cells.

This information is automatically recorded in the database.

When the customer arrives, after the invoice barcode is scanned, the product storage locations are displayed.

The dispatch is registered automatically.