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For small production companies

Working with customers and orders


Client’s first contact

The client calls the central office or the remote office to ask for measurement of the window openings. The salesperson who takes the order enters the customer into the IT Okna database and automatically picks a date convenient for the client. After you assign the task to a member of measurement staff, the task goes to the staff member’s phone or tablet with the MI-Soft cloud client program.



The member of measurement staff goes to the client and makes the measurements of the openings, puts down the client’s remarks in the measurement report. S/He takes photos of the report and sends it to the main office through the MI-Soft cloud client program. The measurement is automatically placed in the office that has set the task; the task is attached to the original order as a picture; and the task gets the «completed» status.


Order calculation

After receiving the measurement details, the manager calculates the construction in the IT Okna. The manager then calls the client and arranges for her/his visit to the Office to sign the contract. (Alternatively, the contract with the customer can be signed by the installer, depending on your business process settings).


Signing the contract

Before visiting the customer, the manager uses the IT Okna to prepare documents to conclude the contract — the invoice, the contract, and attachments. The customer arrives at the office, signs the contract, and pays for it. The manager enters the payment information into the IT Okna — the date, pay type (cash, card …), and other comments. If the contact foresees paying by installments, then the payment schedule is added to the order to be shown in the contract and for the manager’s control. Also, through the MI-Soft cloud, the manager together with the client chooses from available dates a convenient one for installation and fixing jamb extensions. If the contract is signed in a remote office or by a dealer, the manager must send the order to the central office.



Before the start of the shift, the head of the production unit together with other staff involved, picks up in the IT Okna the order package — the tasks for the shift. It is also possible to use the contract numbers, the orders, the indication of readiness for production, the fact of payment and so on as additional information for the decision. The IT Okna then prints the necessary documentation for the workers in the workshop.



Installation, fixing jamb extensions

It is carried out on the arranged dates. On the day before, the schedule for the production of the specified work is printed out, as well as the list of jobs for the specific team.




If there is a servicing necessity, the customer calls the office and makes a request. The salesperson searches for the order by number, contract number, customer, address, telephone, or other criteria. In the cloud the order is assigned a convenient date of the service manager’s visit to the client. As a result of the visit, the service manager, through the MI-Soft Cloud client program on the phone or tablet, sends to the office the inspection report, which is attached to the original order in the office. Then a decision on the order is made and the work is performed when necessary.



Coordination with ERP software

1C external processing performs any type of synchronization with the IT Okna program. It is run on a separate technical assignment. An example can be found on YouTube on our channel Exporting from 1C to IT Okna.



Further support

Clients are provided with access to free software updates.

After the program implementation is completed (typically one month), you can use paid technical support, or you may service the program on your own, e.g. change prices and calculation settings, edit reports; for this purpose, the program contains a user manual and numerous YouTube tutorials.