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Finished product warehouse

Finished product warehouse



Barcode on the product

Each product is marked with a barcode in the workshop.

The barcode of each construction element, such as a profile element or window glazing, is used very often.

This barcode is used to identify the product.



Placing the construction in warehouse

The worker puts the construction in a vacant space in the warehouse.

After the item is placed in the trolley, the employee scans the barcode on the cell and on the product.

The program automatically writes down the cell number and the trolley number into the product in the database.

Each construction in the finished goods warehouse has a location index.



Sending a message to customer

After all the constructions for the customer have been placed in the finished goods warehouse, a message is sent to the customer that the constructions are ready, and can be picked up.



Quick search for the customer’s constructions in the warehouse

The customer arrives at the warehouse and gives the warehouse staff the invoice.

The warehouse staff scans the invoice, and gets the location of the items in the warehouse.

This allows you to quickly find the items for the customer.



Registering dispatch

After the customer has picked up all the items, the warehouse staff makes a mark that all the items are dispatched.

In the case of quality complaints, those can also be noted down.

In the database all items are marked as dispatched to the customer.