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Before we prepare to install the window manufacturing automation program to fit the customer’s individual requirements, we try to learn as much as possible about the company tasks, its special conditions and characteristics, its development plans and perspectives, and only then we make a customer-oriented offer:

1. Specify the tasks to be performed.

2. Configure the ready-made solution with modules.

3. Fill the settings with the profile and hardware catalogs.

4. Present the program functionality.

5. Agree on program implementation and staff training.

6. Offer further technical support.

Before we start our cooperation, we prepare a detailed technical assignment to configure, install, and run the window business automation system. During the implementation process, we configure the customer’s database and equipment according to the technical assignment, and also train the employees who will work with the program.

The warranty service that is provided after the program installation is completed allows you to further deal with the issues that are not included in the technical assignment.

In addition, using the post-warranty service, our customers will be able to get software updates, introduce new features, expand their production, and increase sales. With technical support, our customer can at any time find solutions to the various issues that may arise while working with the program.

The program continually develops, and customers can always get updates.

As new solutions accumulate, customers can use our channel with video instructions to get information about them and about new features of the IT Okna.

The IT Okna is a modern window business automation program that allows you to track the complete work cycle, from the design of the window project to its production. Expand your business and get new features with the IT Okna program.